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Monday, June 27, 2005

Me, smoke? Well, if smoked salmon counts...

After my (obviously lame) attempt at being sarcastic and funny (haha.) in my last post, tons of questions which implied the same thing poured in from my fans (alright, just three, but three's a ton, right?) :

nwy,do u really meant wat u wrote?! u said u smoke?
hey..i was browsing through ur blog..ermm..u said smt abt smoking.. u smoke?? dun mind me asking??
you smoke one ah???hehheehehehe :P

Well, let me clarify:

I don't smoke.

I never did.

I don't plan to.

Smoking for cool's sake, I believe, only serves to emphasise the un-coolness of a person; highlighting the fact that he doesn't have the courage to decide what's cool for himself and thus follows what has been defined as "cool" by the media (think a couple of cool people chilling on green grassy hills; a cool guy kayaking in the middle of an ocean in the middle of nowhere; some cool guys skiing on snowy mountains, doing cool routines for the camera; some cool cowboys riding horses through rivers in the countryside; a cool guy driving a black Porsche, etc.)

The irony of it all is that 2 Marlboro men (men who starred in advertisements for Marlboro cigarettes) have since died of lung-cancer:
Wayne McLaren, who posed for some promotional photographs on behalf of Marlboro in 1976, succumbed to lung cancer at age 51 on 22 July 1992. McLaren was a former professional rodeo rider who appeared in small parts in various television series and movies (primarily Westerns) throughout the 1960s and 1970s, and he modeled for print advertising between acting jobs in the mid-1970s including a Marlboro campaign in 1976. McLaren, who had a pack-and-a-half a day smoking habit, was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 49. Despite chemotherapy, the removal of one lung, and radiation treatments, the cancer eventually spread to his brain and killed him.

David McLean, who appeared in many Marlboro television and print advertisements starting in the early 1960s, also died of cancer at age 73 on 12 October 1995. McLean starred in the short-lived 1960 television Western Tate, and he played roles in numerous television series and feature films during the 1960s and 1970s. McLean took up smoking at age 12, began to suffer from emphysema in 1985, and had a cancerous tumor removed from his right lung in 1993. Despite the surgery, the cancer remained and spread to his brain and spine, and McLean succumbed in 1995.
**Extracted from Urban Legends Reference Pages**

Really want to be cool?

Get to know Jesus.

Wait, that means I'm cool.


Blogger Irene condemned as such...

Irene: Yeah man!
Me too! I don't smoke, I never did and I don't plan to. Can't even stand the smell of smokers. I'm just reminded of someone's friend sayin how the taknak campaign is taking an effect on smokers, you know how they nicely place the sign "taknak" beside a bent cigarette? Well, it apparently is perceived as "taknak" i.e don't buy/smoke bent cigarettes...well. We Malaysians do have a sense of humour huh.

June 27, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous condemned as such...


Way the go, Aaron! Haha, you're so funny! Yes, we're all cool simply because we know whose Christ, dont you agree? :P

June 27, 2005  
Anonymous Of LioNs aNd SerPeNts condemned as such...

Oh,so now the truth comes out!! Aaron Lee does not smoke.You definately gave me quite a scare when they said u smoke.No one in their right state of mind wud want 2 smoke...unless they want 2 drive girls away (note:Bad breath *coughs*,horrible yellow teeth,go figure)Oh,yes!We are definately cOol!! ~Peace Out!!~ ;)

June 27, 2005  
Anonymous AdeLiNe condemned as such...

Hi aaron..if i'm not wrong..1 of my question is in ur post..[nwy,do u really meant wat u wrote?!u said u smoke?] it sounds like da question i asked u b4 n even ask u 2 explain 2 me..ppfft..i feel really stupid now after knowing da truth..

[tons of question which implied the same thing poured in from my fans] do u noe,how WRONG tat sentence sounds?!?!i asked tons of question bout tat post u wrote k?!?tat doesn't mean tat i'm ur fan..u CRAZY.PERASAN fellow..hehe..

as wat lion n serpent wrote..yellow teeth.bad breath.yap,u better not smoke..so ur LONG time in toilet won't b wasted..hehe..

June 28, 2005  
Blogger chowkueyteow condemned as such...

Hi Messrs! If you smoked, I think cows would jump over the moon and chickens would actually cross roads. Yeah, have seen that sign. It's a little silly, but I guess it's to be expected of Malaysians.

Thanks for dropping by!


Hi Janice! "Way the go" indeed! Me funny, well, if you mean funny-weird, yes. If you mean funny-funny, probably not.

Thanks for LOL-ing!


Hi Of Lions And Serpents! Well, I don't think the "truth came out" at all...it's just that there was no "false" to begin with =) Yup, it drives girls away. Why do you think I don't smoke in the first place?

Thanks for commenting!


Hi Adeline! Yup, one of your questions was indeed in my list. Just wanted to prove a point =) I stated it in my post and I'll state it again - I don't smoke, I never did and I don't plan to.

Thanks for the comment!

June 29, 2005  
Blogger Paul condemned as such...

hey dude. got something to say, didn't sms, too long for it, didn't mail, don't know your email add, didn't message on friendster, don't know if you check that at all.

remember the last conversation we had? don't think you'll forget it at all.. anyway, i was thinking about it.

remember you said you'll leave it in God's hands? (makes it sound like a 'fate' thing....) well, remember the story the guy from lifeline was saying 5 hours earlier? God gives us an oppurtunity. it's up to us to take it. when we tell Him to guide us and to show us a sign when we need His guidance, he gives us one. sometimes, it can be direct, otherwise it could be extremely subtle. i can't read your mind, i can't read ---(subject matter disclosed)---'s mind...... but maybe there's being a sign?

i don't mean to tell you what to do with your life if you get that impression from me, but i was just concern, as a friend. so keep a look out, from what you told me, i think there's been one. but that's from my point of view. what matters is yours, not mine.

ps. get a tagboard.

June 29, 2005  
Anonymous adeline-teaser queen.. condemned as such...

of course u don't smoke,never did and don't plan to smoke...if u do smoke,ur *ahem* will RUN AWAY 4om u!! *wink* but dun worry..i bet there's more gurls will b interested in u since u hv such a beautiful body..*cough* ppfftt..

June 29, 2005  
Blogger chowkueyteow condemned as such...

Hi Paul! Good to hear you're safely back in Kuching. Hope all's cool in the land (what?) under the wind? (or so says Fr OC.)

Thanks for the concern, buddy. While I don't deny the possibility of there being signs, it's something that I believe requires lots of careful treading and proper discernment. At this point in time, - the way I see it - circumstances may prevent it from going long term. But then again, what's to stop God's plan? =) So, I'm trying to take things a step at a time while praying about it, and in the meantime wait patiently for God's plan to materialise.

ps. I aim to keep my blog as simple as possible and to keep it just that - a blog. Not a radio station, not a chat room, not even a book store. Just a blog.

Thanks for dropping by and do continue to drop by even from Kuching!


Hi Adeline-teaser queen! You have NO idea how many girls queue up for a chance to peck me on the cheek. Just ask Paul. Heh.

Thanks for commenting yet AGAIN!

June 30, 2005  
Anonymous adeline-teaser queen.. condemned as such...

ok...then i'll ask tis paul guy..
>Hi,Paul..i'm juz curious bout da gurls tat FANCY tis VAIN.PERASAN guy over here..how long is da queue??plz dun tell me is LONG cuz i found a WONDERFUL gurl 4 him..
Aaron,r u happy now?!i ask him aledi..it depends whether he wan 2 answer a not!!! *sticking out tongue*

July 01, 2005  
Blogger Paul condemned as such...

haha first of all, 'tis paul guy' makes me feel like an object *boohoo*

anyway, the queue is pretty long. i won't quote you the number cause you'll feel pretty bad about sticking your 'WONDERFUL gurl' in that line... but why don't you just add her to the list? aaron won't mind...i'm sure of that.

July 02, 2005  
Anonymous adeline-teaser queen.. condemned as such...

ok..fine..i'm sorie 4 calling u an "object"..r u sure da queue is tat long??is IMposible n ridiculous!!actually..if u r curioius who's da gurl is..go ask aaron..he noe who's da gurl i'm talking bout..rite Aaron?!?! haha..i bet he'll tell wan..if i'm not wrong,u noe her 2..

July 02, 2005  
Blogger Paul condemned as such...

hahah no prob...hey aaron, this comments box just turned into a chatbox laa... tagboard! hahaha =)

ooohh... mystery girll..........this starts to get interesting.....

yes yes the queue is long. full-stop. right dude?? ego-boosting.....*sigh..

July 02, 2005  
Anonymous adeline-teaser queen.. condemned as such...

comment 2 chat..no bad..we should giv ourself a big hand paul..*applause*

mystery gurl??wow..i hv a new nick name..but it sound kinda wrong..as if i'm ur mysterious peminat only..hehe..juz joking..i hv a name..is AdeLiNe..nwy,did u ask aaron who is da WONDERFUL gurl i'm talking bout..

Aaron.,i think u wouldn't mind telling ur fren,paul who's tat gurl rite?!?!afterall,he's ur fren!!

July 03, 2005  
Anonymous God's chiLd condemned as such...

Wow,it's beeN only a wHile siNce i dRop by,aNd tgiS pLace haS becaMe a chat bOx! DidN't kNow ppl taKe the AaroN-smOkes prob sO seRiousLy *chuckles*

July 10, 2005  
Blogger chowkueyteow condemned as such...

Hi there God's Child! It HAS been a while, hasn't it?

A chat bOx "tgiS pLace" has become indeed...courtesy of Adeline-teaser queen and Paul!
**Chat bOx ini ditaja oleh Nokia - Connecting People!**

Well, I must say I'm touched by the amount of attention I've gotten about my health and welfare...thanks lots guys! *sniff*

*hack, cough*

Thanks for dropping by!

July 24, 2005  


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