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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

(Not) Being A Witness To Christ.



The day.

The day I held aloft my magic sword and said, "By the power of Greyskull!".


The day I went for ballet classes and learnt to play lacrosse.

You wish.

It was the day I officially got my A-Level AS examination results.

To be honest, I really wasn't expecting much, all the while secretly hoping that by the grace of our good God, the unofficial results which had been given to me 3 days earlier were another person's, and that I had actually scored much better grades.

Or that the examiners messed up big time and had given me straight A's.

Or that I'd actually done well for once, but was oblivious to that fact due to the stress and fatigue of hard work. (when I say hard work, I mean more than an hour's worth of study)

And then I officially opened the envelope.

As I pulled the statement of results out of the envelope, I held shut my eyes, hoping that all that I had hoped for (as stated above) would come true as soon as I had turned the paper from back to front, and I would end up crying tears of joy.

And I did.

Turn the paper from back to front, I mean.

And then I found out:

My unofficial results were official.

Which, well:

a) weren't exactly flying colours

b) wasn't exactly a flying colour (red)

Then what on earth am I being so whiny about?

The fact that I haven't been a witness to Christ in my studies.

After getting my official results, I spent the next few days reflecting over what I'd done during the course of the previous year - during my previous 2 semesters - and realised how miserably I'd failed being Christian in my (home)work.

I was Christian in most of the other areas of my life; yes, I went to church regularly, I helped out with mass, I played guitar for meetings, I prayed whenever I could, I helped people in need, I served, I forgave, I loved. And I did all these with joy.


I just didn't study.

I didn't finish (do) my homework; I couldn't understand half of what the teacher was explaining in class (in some cases, all); I was sleeping through half the classes (in some cases, all); my monthly tests produced horrible results, etc...

In fact, I was the butt of most of my friends' jokes due to the reasons stated above (still am, actually). A lot of them really put me down before I got my results, thinking that they would, of course, get much higher than yours truly - the guy who never did work, who always slept in class, who always came late...

When, in fact, most of them DID get much higher than me.

1 or 2, however, didn't but that's another story.

This goes to show how un-Christian I've been in class.

I seriously doubt any of my classmates saw Christ in me in my studies over the past year.

Thus, I'm posting this, sort of like a live, online vow for me to buck up in my studies, to excel in my studies, to be Christ-like in my studies.


Which raises an interesting question.

Did Christ have to study in times of old?


Anonymous Anonymous condemned as such...

Hi Aaron,
I like your sharing. It really gave me something to think about (not that I'm not being a Christian in my school work)but, basically that we too have to be Christ-like in our studies besides being a Christian in church, ministry and etc. What you have shared just now, was really brave and there was humility in it. I wished to share a bible verse to you but now, i'm in my comp lab and I didnt bring my bible along.
Anyway, it's about the Lord is ever good and merciful. He forgives those who repent his/her mistakes or sins. I thank God that the Lord has shown you the right path to take.

Finally, always praise God for the trials that come your way and thank God for whatever He has given you (your results) because without it, you would have never known what is it truly means or takes to be a Christian.
Take care and God bless!

February 21, 2005  
Blogger Celestine condemned as such...

Welcome to the club. :)

Check this out: "My Day of Judgment"

March 06, 2005  
Blogger chowkueyteow condemned as such...

Janice: I do praise God for the trials that come my way, especially for the A-Level trials that are upcoming at the end of the month! =) hehe...trials = must study...thanks for dropping by!

Celestine: Yup, checked that out a long, long time ago =) I think we share the same thoughts about examinations...hope to keep up my irregular posting...thanks for visiting!

March 07, 2005  
Blogger Paul condemned as such...

hey dude..
good luck with A2..all the best with your studies

March 08, 2005  
Blogger chowkueyteow condemned as such...

Paul thanks for dropping by! Good to know that you've shifted from Xanga to Blogspot...definitely looks brighter...thanks for the wish, all the best to you too!

March 08, 2005  


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