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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Community: Part 2.

Up to this point in time, I have had nothing but great comments about community; about being in one, about how important it is to belong to one, about how grateful I am to be in the one that I am in now.

Then I get this:

- which is perfectly fine by itself -

On my face.

By the very same community that I hold in such high regard.

Click here to view the full sequence of event(s).

p.s. - I am NOT smiling; it is only an illusion.

Only an illusion.

O n l y a n i l l u s i o n.


Blogger samlouie condemned as such...

Happy Birthday Aaron! :)

April 18, 2006  
Anonymous MeIt condemned as such...

Happy Birthday Dude!!
Wish you a wonderful and blessed year ahead!

*cant wait till you get 21! more trick and evil plan for you!! haha =P

Stay hot! ;p

April 20, 2006  
Blogger chowkueyteow condemned as such...

Hi Samlouie!

Thanks a lot, Wei Fen! =)

Thanks for dropping by!


Hi Meit!

Thanks a lot! (what more can I say?)

Believe me, I can't wait either.

Hua hua hua.

Stay hot I shall!

Thanks for dropping by!

April 21, 2006  
Blogger Paul condemned as such...

waaahhahhahahhahahaahhhhaaaa =)

should have made the effort to go. sigh, if only preparations for exam weren't that hard.

you enjoyed though... =) that's what matters

April 22, 2006  
Blogger Paul condemned as such...

crap i had exams yesterday. it's the kind that asks questions that look so easy you get them wrong... sigh

heard you're on a long holiay?

April 25, 2006  
Blogger chowkueyteow condemned as such...

Hi Paul and Paul!

Well, I could have done without the cake-smashing part...

Hope your exams went well, dei...haha, I haven't had those questions in a LONG time (probably due to the fact that I never studied enough to make them look easy la, but still...)

Yup, I AM on holiday...as I told Jeremy, you'd rather not know exactly how long - he regretted attempting to find out...but of course, only if your sister hasn't told you yet, heh heh.

Thanks for dropping by!

April 28, 2006  
Blogger JeMbOrEe condemned as such...

Dude.. this can be ur Halloween look :P

April 30, 2006  
Anonymous adeline condemned as such...

Oooo..man..how sad i'm not there when ur face is covered with cake!! it'll b so fun!! n r u sure u r not smilling..u look like u r..*shrugs*

sigh.is been a while i drop by here n comment something.ooppss.nwy,juz drop by to say hi cuz i'm seriously bored lah.i wish u ahpy brithday edi rite?

June 03, 2006  
Blogger chowkueyteow condemned as such...

Hi Adeline!

Ah, it HAS been a while, hasn't it...

And yes, I think you did wish me a happy birthday, only like 2 months ago. Thanks for that anyway!

Oh well, there's always next year... =)

You could even personally do the cake-smashing yourself.

Thanks for dropping by!

June 17, 2006  
Blogger JeMbOrEe condemned as such...

BLog mati ke... :p

June 20, 2006  
Blogger chowkueyteow condemned as such...

Hi Jemboree!

Blog belum mati la...just waiting for inspiration! =)

Thanks for keeping faithful to dropping by 5 times a day!

July 04, 2006  


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